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NP2 AirProduct description

NP2 Air is compatible with Sony NP-BX1, NP-FZ100 and NP-FW50 three types of batteries, equipped with two high-brightness indicator lights, Different charging states can be represented by different blinking methods.

The two channels can simultaneously install different types of batteries for charging, and can automatically identify the battery type and match the optimal charging parameters and algorithms.It can be connected through the ISD Link APP, and more charging parameters can be viewed on the mobile device.

NP2 AirWarnings and Safety Tips

To ensure your safety and a good user experience, please read the instructions and warnings before using this product.

  • Keep the charger away from sources of heat and damp environments during use. Ventilation is necessary for heat dissipation.
  • Please do not allow children to operate the charger.
  • Do not attempt to charge incompatible batteries with this battery charger. Attempting to do so as can cause damage to the charger or battery, or even result in disastrous consequences;
  • The USB power adapter connected to the charger must ensure compliance with the USB specification.
NP2 AirProduct Specifications
Power supply input port: USB Type-C
Input voltage: 5~12V(support QC, PD protocol)
Max charge current: 1.5A/Slot
Max input power: 25W
Charging Mode: Normal mode, fast mode
Compatible battery models: NP-BX1,NP-FZ100,NP-FW50
Operating temperature: 0~40°C
Dimensions(L×W×H): 93.5×70.6x36mm
Weight: 84g
Wireless connection: support
NP2 AirOperation guide

In this charger, two batteries can be charged in different modes in various combinations.

1)Connect the USB type-C cable with power adapter, then the NP2 will be ready for charging. NP2 supports a variety of USB power adapters and automatically identifies and matches the input power.

2)Insert batteries into the battery slot as shown below. The NP2 supports mixed charging of different types of batteries and can automatically identify and adjust charging parameters.

3)After the battery is installed securely, the charger will send out an installation prompt sound, no manual setting is required, and the charger will automatically start charging the installed battery in normal mode.For Fast charge mode, you need to open the ISD Link APP to set, and press the fast charge button to switch the corresponding channel to shift.For adapters that support QC and PD standards, the NP2 Air can get a maximum input power of 25W.

NP2 AirBattery installation legend
NP2 Air


NP2 Air


NP2 Air


NP2 AirLighting effect of each mode

Standby mode

When the charger has no battery installed, the two status lights flash every 3 seconds.

Normal mode

When the charger installs the battery normally, the installation prompt sounds, and the corresponding status indicator starts to flash yellow light, once per second.When the charging is completed, a charging completion prompt will sound, and the corresponding indicator light will always light green.

Fast charging mode

In the fas charging mode, the corresponding indicator light flashes twice per second, and the fastcharging logo appears on the APP interface.

NP2 AirDownload and install the ISD LINK APP

① Official website download: log on to the official website on the mobile device, download and install it under the “Technical Support – Application Software” interface;

② Scan the code to download: The mobile device directly scans the corresponding QR code on the last page, and downloads and installs it according to the prompts.

③ Click “+” on the upper right corner of APP surface, then follow the direction to add the device to get started.

NP2 AirSpecific charging parameters
Battery Type: NP-FZ100 NP-FW50 NP-BX1
Full Charge Voltage: 8.40V 8.40V 4.20V
General mode maximum charge current: 1000mA 500mA 600mA
Normal mode maximun charge current normal mode (Approximate full charge time): 2.5h 2.5h 2.5h
Maximum charging current in fast mode: 1500mA 800mA 1000mA
A full charge in fast mode (Approximate full charge time): 1.5h 1.5h 1.5h
NP2 AirFirmware update

ISDT continually strive in the pursuit of perfection on all products. Our R&D engineers concentrate their effort over days and months on the enhancement of the functions and algorithms, as well as the visual optimization. Continuous improvement of the performance is shaped up in the firmware upgrade program. Latest upgrade firmware can be downloaded from the ISD Link APP. When you open the APP interface, you will be prompted for a firmware update, and you can complete the update with just one click.

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