Designed for DJI Air3 Aerial Drone

MA331 200W Smart Charging Butler

Triple-Channel Fast Charging|USB-C Input/Output|Color Screen Display|APP Control

Rapid Recharge,Endless Flight


Fast and Efficient

Triple-Channel Fast Charging

Rapid Full Charge

Meets Full-Day Work Demands

Stable and Reliable

Active Cooling for Continuous Stability

Smart Enough

Connects to the App

Supports OTA Upgrades

Intuitively Clear

Battery Status at a Glance

Safe Charging without Overcharging

Powerful Enough

Dual 100W USB-C Inputs

45W USB-C Output


Built-in Display Screen
No More “Blind” Charging

Color Screen Display,Say No to Blind Charging

Intelligent Power Meter,Easily Monitor Charging Speed

Enhanced Safety,Clear Battery Status at a Glance

Charging three batteries takes only 70 minutes

More efficient than the original charging butler’s round-robin mode

Triple-channel parallel fast charging, full power

Say goodbye to battery anxiety, fly all day without stress


The original charger uses a round-robin charging mode,

where one battery is charged to full capacity before the next one starts charging.

Charging time with the original 100W desktop charger:

Approximately 60 minutes to charge a single battery to full capacity.

Approximately 180 minutes to charge three batteries to full capacity.

The ISDT MA331 charger uses a parallel fast charging mode,

where three batteries are charged simultaneously without waiting.

Charging time in fast charging mode (up to 95% full capacity):

It takes approximately 50 minutes to charge a single battery to full capacity.

It takes approximately 70 minutes to charge three batteries to full capacity.

Full charging mode (up to 100% full capacity):

It takes approximately 60 minutes to charge a single battery to full capacity.

It takes approximately 90 minutes to charge three batteries to full capacity.

*This data was obtained by ISDT laboratory based on dual 100W PD input.

Dual 100W USB-C Inputs

Distinguished from the power limitations of a single-port input

Two independent and non-interfering fast-charging USB-C inputs provide higher maximum input power to the charger

You can also connect two low-power adapters for combined input, further enhancing charging speed.


Universal USB-C Input

Charge wherever you go


Charge at home


Charge in the car


Charge outdoors

USB-C Output, Charger or Power Bank

Equipped with a dedicated USB-C 45W output port, can use USB power or drone battery as the power source

Provides rapid charging for remote controllers, smartphones, and other devices

Meets the emergency fast-charging needs of most mobile devices and remote controllers


*When paired with a battery, it functions as a 16000mAh power bank, ready to handle unexpected situations, eliminating battery anxiety.


One-Click Storage Mode Activation

Charges the battery to 60% of full capacity

Convenient for long trips, air shipping, or extended storage

Maintains battery health

One-Click Fast Charging Activation

Rapidly charges the battery to 95% of full capacity

Saves approximately twenty minutes of charging time

Ready for immediate flight without delay


Innovative Battery Balancing Feature


Collecting Mode:

Allows you to transfer energy from multiple batteries

into the one with the highest remaining capacity

Helps meet additional flight missions in emergency situations


Balancing Mode:

Equalizes the charge levels of multiple batteries

that have different capacities

Convenient for transportation or maintaining battery durability while on the go

Quiet Turbulent Flow Fan, Fast Charging Without Overheating

Maintains cooling without slowing down, efficient and cool fast charging

Optimal heat dissipation, suitable for high-load work throughout the day

Fast charging even during scorching hot summers


Battery exposed design,conducive to battery heat dissipation, fast charging without heat


Download Polying App

No registration required

APP Control/OTA Upgrades

Cross-platform convenience, control everything effortlessly, compatible with smartphones,
smartwatches, tablets, PCs, and more through the all-new Polying App

Intelligent OTA upgrades, stay up to date with real-time manufacturer updates,
and access the latest features and optimizations

*Future original battery models can also achieve compatibility through OTA updates

LED Lights, One-Click Illumination

Meets various environmental needs,

Facilitates nighttime flights with ease


Lightweight and Easy to Carry,
No Burden When Traveling

40% reduction in volume compared to the original charging butler,

10% reduction in weight compared to the original charging butler,

200% increase in power compared to the original charging butler,

30% reduction in charging time compared to the original charging butler

Fits in various types of storage boxes/bags,

Enjoy convenient travel.


Product Model:MA331
Compatible Batteries:DJI Air3 Series Batteries(BWX233-4241-14.76)
USB Type-C Input 1:9V~3A; 12V~3A; 15V~3A; 20V~5A
USB Type-C Input 2:9V~3A; 12V~3A; 15V~3A; 20V~5A
USB Type-C Output:5V~2A; 9V~3A; 12V~3A; 15V~3A
Charging Power:80W Max(Single Battery)/200W Max(Three Batteries + Remote Controller)
Dimensions: 170.4*59.6*52.3mm
Weight:152g(±10%)(excluding the weight of cables)