• ISDT at “Tokyo UAV Exhibition” 2023-07-06

    日本东京无人机展览会(Japan Drone)是日本最具影响力的无人机研究开发及技术环境展览会。 6月26日(一)至6月28日(三),ISDT团队于AD-15展位参展。艾斯特此行,不仅旨在品牌宣传,渠道扩张,更在于了解先进无人机技术、市场和其他最新趋势,确保今后在航模产品线发展方面手握方向盘。 展会名称:日本东京无人机展览会(Japan Drone) 展会时间:2023年06月26日~06月28日 展会地点:日本-千叶-2-1,Nakase,Mihama-ku,Chiba-city,Japan 261-8550-千· 叶幕张国际会展中心 主办方:日本无人机产业发展协会 展会盛况: ISDT 展位: 现场瞬间:

  • 关于PB40重量变化说明通知 2023-05-09

    Sorry, this entry is only available in 中文.

  • Congratulations to RC Racing driver Marc Rheinard on winning the 2022 German National Championship! 2022-08-09

    Congratulations to Marc for his success in 2022, and we look forward to Marc’s excellent performance in future events.

  • 恭喜!ISDT赞助的世界级车手松仓直人,于意大利Gubbio赢了IFMAR ISTC世界赛预赛冠军 2022-07-14

    Congratulate to ISDT sponsored World Class driver Naoto Matsukura, taking his win in the IFMAR 1/10 ISTC mod world championship warmup race, during July 8-10 2022, at Gubbio Italy. After 2 years of a long blank period because of the pandemic, Naoto san was as strong as before and seized his WC title again in […]

  • 祝贺德国RC车手Marc Rheinard 在GP3F 2022 Modified Class 赛事中夺冠! 2022-03-09

    Last Sunday, ISDT sponsored German RC Car Driver Marc Rheinard to win the TQ and Group A championships in the GP3F 2022 Modified Class event held at the MRC Longwy in France. In this race, Marc competed with many European and world-class drivers. Marc won the championship with his stable performance. Congratulations to Marc for […]

  • ESC70, C4EVO | APP&固件更新 2022-02-28

    The ISD GO APP is updated to the latest version, the version numbers are 1.2.18 (Android), 1.2.5 (iOS), Mainly repaired functions related to ESC70, such as adding a throttle calibration progress bar, deleting the “Firmware Repair” button, etc. It has been updated on the official website [Support]-[Firmware]-[ISD GO]. The C4EVO firmware is updated to the […]

  • ESC70 | APP版本及固件版本更新 2022-02-15

    Please upgrade the ISD GO APP to the latest version 1.2.17 (Android) or 2.1.4 (iOS) first, Then in the APP, follow the prompts to upgrade the ESC firmware to the latest version. This version fixes the problem that APP parameters cannot be saved, firmware upgrade fail, and adds a link entry for FAQs.

  • 授权Horizon Hobby,LLC使用BattGO 技术 2021-04-19

    Horizon Hobby, LLC has been granted the licensing for BattGO technology and will be the exclusive technology provider going forward.