*For your interests, we strongly recommend that you purchase from official stores or officially authorized stores.
*Official Amazon stores, official AliExpress stores, and officially authorized stores are subject to the after-sales policy of the corresponding platform. <View detailed stores>
*Except for purchases made on the above platforms, other situations apply to this after-sales service policy.

After-sales service policy:

Inquiring about the production date to the after-sales email with the serial number on the product, you can enjoy the warranty service within 180 days after leaving the factory.
1. Necessary conditions:
1.1 Product failure is not man-made damage;
1.2 The quality problem of the product itself leads to failure (product failure caused by components or poor production).
2. After-sales policy:
The following processing options are available:
2.1 Please ask the direct seller if there is an after-sales policy. If so, the seller’s after-sales policy shall prevail;
2.2 Buyer sends it back to the factory in China for repair. The buyer will be responsible for the costs incurred during transportation;
2.3 In the cases of the product component are judged replaceable, ISDT sends the spare parts to the buyer. The buyer will be responsible for the costs incurred during transportation.
3. Shipping fee:
If you choose to send it back to the factory in China, the buyer will be responsible for all the costs incurred during transportation.
4. Disclaimer:
The product is not covered by warranty if any of the following conditions apply:
4.1 The customer has disassembled or changed the internal structure of the product by himself;
4.2 Damage caused by the customer’s artificial use or improper operation (non-waterproof products encounter water or other liquid infiltration, heavy blows, beatings, etc.);
4.3 The product serial number is blurred, damaged or missing corners beyond recognition.