Magnetic Wireless Charging block

15W wireless charging | App control

Dual parallel fast charging output Type-C

„Unbreakable“ Strong Magnetic suction

Wireless charging with magnetic suction
Once touch and power coming soon.
*The Magnetic charging function is available for iPhone 12 and later models with magnetic charging, Airpods,
or iPhone 11 and predecessors and Android models with wireless charging support, etc.

All at once

One charger for four charging needs It’s a charger, and it’s also a phone stand Four outputs with fast charging
*The wireless charging function of the watch is only exclusive to EDGE+ models *The airpods magnetic charging only for airpods with MagSafe charging case

Golden elevation angle design

60° angle of elevation design is both a desktop charging block for wireless fast charging and a vertical magnetic phone stand, which is perfect for one-handed play

The Charger also has an app

Download ISD Link (No permission required)
Real-time power at a glance Operation settings on your hand Wireless charging power adjustment The Light adjustment; the power distribution OTA brings more ways to play

Fast charging partner

Use with other ISDT charging devices
for a better charging experience
*The wireless charging function of the watch is only exclusive to EDGE+ models

CNC process machining

One-piece moulding with a full-bodied texture finely machined aluminium parts Lightweight, robust, good heat dissipation, environmentally friendly and durable


Input parameters: 5-20V 5A/100W MAX 5-20V 5A/100W MAX
Output interface: Wireless charging;USB-C1;USB-C2 Wireless charging;USB-C1;USB-C2
USB Output : DC 5-15V, 3A/45W MAX DC 5-15V, 3A/45W MAX
Mobile phone wireless charging: 15W MAX 15W MAX
Watch wireless charging: / 3W MAX
Total output power: 90W 90W
APP support: Support Support
Operating temperature: 0℃~40℃ 0℃~40℃
Storage temperature: -20℃~60℃ -20℃~60℃
Dimensions: 74 x 68 x 105.5mm 74 x 68 x 105.5mm
Weight: approx 196g