More than Classic redefine

Modular Design
Modular components, merge and split in ease.

Detachable Power Supply,
Quick shift on AC/DC dual mode,
Satisfy different working scenario.

Adjustable Digital Power Supply.

In adjustable digital power supply mode,
the Max. power is AC 50W / DC 150W.
CV: 2~30V

Single „Shuttle Roll“ Knob.

Roll and press to start,
Easy to use,
convenient operating.

Single „Shuttle Roll“ Knob

AC/DC Dual Mode

Battery Scrap

Digital Power Supply

Modular Design


Charging Power: AC 50W / DC 200W
Charging Current: 0.1A~8.0A
Discharging Power: 10W
Input Voltage: AC 100V~240V / DC 10V~30V
Output Voltage: DC 1V~30V
Supportable Battery: LiFe, Lilon, LiPo, LiHv 1-6S /
Pb 1-12S / NiMH 1-16S
Weight: 350g