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DC/PD dual modeDC 240WUSB-C 140 WPD 3.1

  • Power bank for laptop

    dual mode input

  • Power bank for laptop

    DC 10A
    charging current

  • Power bank for laptop

    temperature control fan

  • Power bank for laptop dainty and delicate
  • Power bank for laptop App control
Power bank for laptop

Dual-mode input for charging freedom

XT60/USB-C PD 3.1 Dual Mode Inputs DC 240W/10A(Max)/USB-C 140W/5A(Max) High Power, Instant Charging

Bi-directional fast charging USB-C port

Input or output, bi-directional C-port charging freedom Up to 140W input, 100W output Fast charger in the palm of your hand
Power bank for laptop
Power bank for laptop

Output, more than 200W

Up to DC 240W 10A output Small size, high current, all the way There’s no end to speed.

APP control, multi-connectivity, is the real intelligent

Efficient mobile phone APP linkage, fully intelligent battery management Version change, often used and often new, OTA cloud upgrade
Power bank for laptop

Download ISD Link
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Download ISD Link
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It’s not just about charging

Battery maintenance is just as good, connecting the battery balance cable allows you to check the voltage and balance status of NiCd/MH, Pb, LiFe, LiPo and LiHv cells with one click. Various protections for your experience
Power bank for laptop Power bank for laptop Power bank for laptop

Silent Turbo Fans

Intelligent temperature control, fast charging is also cool

Left and right inlet and outlet air design, all-round heat dissipation Using the internal structure to build a through-air intake channel, Reducing wastage during heat dissipation. Improving heat dissipation efficiency.
Power bank for laptop
Power bank for laptop

High brightness ips screen,

no fear of sunlight

Well-designed colour scheme, dynamic and colourful UI interface More intuitive content display, multiple information at a glance


Maximum input current: DC 10A,USB-C 5A
Input voltage range: DC 5-30V,USB-C 5-28V
Output voltage range: DC 3.0-30V
Charging current: 0.5~10.0A
Maximum charging power: 240W/10A
Maximum discharge power: USB-C 100W/5A
Supported Battery Types and Strings: LiFe,LiPo,LiHv(4.35~4.50V)1-6S
Pb 1-12S/NiMH 1-16S
Balance Current: 0.8A/Cell Max
Working temperatur: 0℃ ~40℃
Storage temperature: -20℃ ~60℃
Abnormal battery voltage alarm: support
String number setting error alarm: support
Size: 72.5x60x26.6mm
Weight: 85g(土10%)