All-core, all-round.

Independent dual channel|Support 2~16S lithium battery
20A ×2|1100W ×2 (@220V AC)

All-round, continuous high-energy.

Support 2~16S LiFe, LiPo, LiHv, ULiHv battery,
The ultra-high voltage lithium battery with 4.45V battery cell voltage is no problem.
The maximum total output power is 2200W(@220V AC),
Continuous, high-energy output.


Support 2~16S battery

X16 adopts 18PIN balance port, and both channels can independently support 2~16S lithium battery.

High Power Synchronous Dual Channel,
with Smart Charging.

Smart High Speed Processor delivers parameter interfere to each port.
Hassle Free with Maximum charging power up to 1100(@220V AC) for single port.
Choose ISDT, Powered by Innovation.

Supports Bluetooth Connect Functionand Mobile Operations.

X16 can connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth,
control the charger to run tasks or view detailed parameters of each channel in the “isd GO” App.
You can also preset charging tasks in the App, and use one-key charging instead of tedious charging steps.
The OTA upgrade is about to happen.


Power from the heart

Built-in independent dual 1100W ×2(@220V AC) high-power AC power supply,
With short circuit protection, overload protection,
under voltage protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection,
Support AC 120V & AC 220V voltage input.
Two channels work independently and stably, which can be independent or combined.
Provide a steady stream of power for X16 stability.

Synchronous Parallel charging.

Built-in High Speed Processor Synchronous
Balance two channel charging.
Maximum Parallel Charging power up to 1800W(@220V AC).
X16 deliver charging current range from 21~35A.


2.8 Inch LCD sunscreen

Low power consumption, IPS screen Auto-brightness adjustable,
178° visible angle Display clear and distinct Even in varies
hard environment or angles as well as in strong sunshine.



Input voltage: AC 100~240V
Output voltage: DC 10~72V
Charging current: 1.0~20.0A ×2
Discharging current: 0.5~3.0A ×2
Max. charging power: 1100W ×2(@220V AC)
800W x2(@110V AC)
Max. discharging power: 50W ×2
Balance current: 1.5A/Cell
Supported battery types and cell count: LiFe,LiPo,LiHv,ULiHv (2~16S)
Abnormal voltage alarm: Support
Incorrect cell count setting alarm: Support
Working temperature: 0℃~40℃
Storage temperature: -20℃~60℃
Dimension: 276×246×82mm
Weight: About 3.5kg