Charging farm, efficient operation

CM1620 is an industry application-level battery power system management solution that supports multiple communication modes such as CAN and 485 serial ports.
The charging module can be combined with the discharging module and the power module to form a 1U standard height charging and discharging group.
The charging and discharging are stable and reliable, and the scientific charging and discharging management of the battery is realized,
combined with the simplified UI and reasonable interaction logic,
Greatly improve the efficiency of industry applications.


Strong cooperation, parallel output

The charging module can increase the charging output power by paralleling, and supports 3 modules in parallel,
The maximum charging current is 50A.

Multiple host connection methods

It can be connected to the PC through the Micro USB interface, or connected to the control host through the USB Type-C interface,
or connected to the mobile device through Bluetooth,
Operate in PC application/control host/App.

CM1620 CM1620

          PC            APP

LCD color display

Visual UI, working status, error warning, and Bluetooth connection status are clear at a glance.


Aluminium alloy shell

Integrated aluminum magnesium alloy shell, combined with internal high-performance flexible compound to assist heat conduction
Significantly improve heat dissipation performance, providing a strong guarantee for stable and reliable fast charging



model: CM1620
Max. input power: 1100W
Max. output power: 1000W
Input voltage: DC 11~70V
Output voltage: DC 8~70.4V
Output current: 1~20A
Supported battery types and cell count: LiHv, LiPo,LiFe 2-16S
Abnormal voltage alarm: Support
Incorrect cell count setting alarm: Support
Working temperature: 0℃~40℃
Storage temperature: -20℃~60℃
Dimension: 105×165×41mm
Weight: About 636g